Sabrina Maisonneuve

Born in Montreal, Sabrina Maisonneuve is first introduce to paint with watercolours. She then learned to manipulate oil painting. Now, the fast drying acrylic is her medium of choice. With a degree in presentation design she worked has a graphic artist. She is now completing her bachelor in Fine Arts at Concordia University.
Her love for disgarded nature elements, fabrics and types of weaves guide her work. She also gets fascinated by the colour combinaison of many types of fabric, especially weaved carpets. Sabrina also created  few pieces in bronze. Its longer, no-turning-back process has influenced a new whole way of thinking about her art making process. Either it be paintings or sculptures, she feels that all the choices like colour or material needs to be justified. Nothing should be useless, all types of inspirations must be reused. It is not rare that past projects are featured in new works.
Although her topics vary, her works always carry a certain sensibility.